Super Bowl 2022: All About The Teams

Alisa Barladyan
12 Feb 2022

The Super Bowl is the most awaited game for every American football lover from all over the world. The National Football League’s annual playoff championship game is the most exciting event occurring every year.

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On the 14th of February, 2022, the most adrenaline-pumping match between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams will take place. There are numerous aspects interesting about this championship league, and one of them is the musical performance during the time.

During the halftime of every match, famous music artists put up the most memorable and rejuvenating Performance. Now, let us talk about the most essential aspect of the league: the two teams that will participate in it.

We will be discussing all the essential factors about the teams. And thus, if you want to know all about the rams and the Bengals, follow the discussion below.

Who’s playing in Super Bowl LVI?

The Super Bowl 2022 is being played by two teams, which are as follows. 

The Los Angeles Rams

The Rams, which is the common and loved term for the Los Angeles Ram, is one of the teams participating in the Super Bowl 2022. This is the team that is representing the National Football League. And by far, they have a lead of 4 points.

This team will be appearing for the fifth time. Previously they had appeared thrice as a team based in Los Angeles and twice as the team under McVay. This professional football team of America has its base in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Their uniform's colour code is blue, gold, and white;

The Cincinnati Bengals

The second team to participate in the Super Bowl 2022 is the Cincinnati Bengals. They have an abbreviated and more popular name of the Bengals. From its name, you can easily suggest where this team is based. Yes, the Cincinnati Bengals are the professional football team of America that is based in the city of Cincinnati.

This football team represents the American Football Conference, and their uniform's colour code is orange and black. The team will make their appearance the third time in Super Bowl;

Super Bowl 2022: Los Angeles Rams vs Cincinnati Bengals
Super Bowl 2022: Los Angeles Rams vs Cincinnati Bengals
Who will perform at the 2022 Super Bowl?
Who will perform at the 2022 Super Bowl?
Super Bowl Live Stream
Super Bowl Live Stream

Injuries in both teams

In the Cincinnati Bengals team, only one player has been reported to have an injury. In the championship match of the Bengals, where their team, that is, the Rams, won against the Chiefs, C.J. Uzomah suffered an injury.

On Thursday, he was checked during the practice and he spent Wednesday's session. He returned to the field with impeccable zeal on Friday, and he is expected to be present with full force for the ultimate day match.

Jackson Carman (back) was also kept limited in the last week. But, even after practising with full zeal on both Thursday and Friday, he wasn't finally listed.

This was about the Bengals. Now let us talk about the injury of the players in the Rams. The best news is that no such players are reported to have injuries in this team. However, Tyler Higbee and lineman Joe Noteboom will be unable to suit up because this team has placed these two players on the injured reserve.

Some of the eminent players of this team, such as Cam Akers, wide receiver Van Jefferson, left tackle Andrew Whitworth, cornerback Jalen Ramsey and Taylor Rapp, have been reported to be in practice with impeccable energy and effort and are ready to be placed on the field for the ultimate action.

Lastly, another big player of this team, Darrell Henderson, has been put off the list for the injured reserve and will be out in the field with full enthusiasm and effort.

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Who are the quarterbacks of the Rams and Bengals?

Having capable players as quarterbacks is essential to maintaining an excellent Super Bowl score. So, let us look into the quarterbacks of both teams in this year’s Super Bowl.


Let us start with the quarterbacks of the Los Angeles Rams. Matthew Stafford is the player who is the quarterback for the Los Angeles Ram, and he is player no.9, and this will be his first year playing for the Rams. He has been a part of the Detroit Lions for the past twelve years, which was why he opted as the number one overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft;

Therefore, it is clear that the player is an excellent quarterback. But, all that he needed was a team as efficient and eminent as he is. And now, he will be playing as a quarterback for the rams, one of the best football teams in America. So, it can be expected I the ultimate match by this player;


Joe Burrow, who is the number 9 player of the Cincinnati Bengals, is the quarterback of the team. He had been the player who was the number one overall pick for the NFL Draft for 2020. And therefore, he was picked by the Bengals.

As soon as he entered this team and started playing for it, its defence started strengthening immediately. After the successful treatment of his knee injury, this fantastic player was all set to initiate playing for the team again. He was ready to set off playing for his team as the team’s starter and this was at the start of the campaign of 2021

Although his starting was a bit low, he reimagined his firm and robust form of the game throughout the year and proved himself worthy. Therefore, he is an equally capable quarterback.

This shows that as the two quarterbacks of each team meet on the ultimate match, it will present to us the most magnificent praiseworthy football match that all football lovers are eagerly waiting for;

quarterbacks of the Rams and Bengals
Quarterbacks of the Rams and Bengals

Notable players to talk about

Are there notable players in the two teams participating in the Super Bowl? Yes, there is. Because of the players and their excellence, the Super Bowl time becomes one of the most exciting and adrenaline-inducing times for all football lovers. So, here are the notable players of both teams.


  • Aaron Donald

He is hands-down the best player in the entire game of football. He is an all-rounder in the position of a defensive tackle and is going to play with jersey number 99.

  • Cooper Kupp

He had been the best wide receiver of this season in football. He ended the regular season with as many as 145 catches, and he will be playing with the jersey number 10 in the match.

  • Jalen Ramsey

This player who was extracted from the Jacksonville Jaguars will now be playing with some changed roles for the rams. He has been hands-down the best cornerback in the entire National Football League. He will be playing with jersey number 10

  • Odell Beckham Jr.

The high-profile fallout of this player brought him to the Rams, where he will be playing as number 3.

  • Von Miller

The player has 115.5 sacks in his career in the NFL, even after being unable to play in 105 seasons for his injury.

  • Eric Weddle

Eric Weddle is a 37-year-old player and was actually retired, but that eventually changed three weeks ago.

  • Cam Akers

Playing as number 23, this player has restarted playing as his team’s starter.

The Bengals

  • Ja'Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd

This is the most looked up to of a trio of wide receivers for the Bengals.

  • Trey Hendrickson and Sam Hubbard

These two players would be playing as the defensive end for the team

  • Joe Mixon

This player will be playing as number 28 in the running back position.

  • Jonah Williams, Quinton Spain, Trey Hopkins, Hakeem Adeniji, and Isaiah Prince

These players would be the offensive linemen of the team

  • Mike Hilton, Eli Apple, and Chidobe Awuzie

These three players would be the cornerbacks for the Bengals.

Who are the coaches of the Rams and Bengals?


Coaches are one of the most crucial factors for any team, and they are the motivating forces as well the guiding energy behind the players. So, let us now talk about the coaches of both teams of the Super bowl.

For the rams, Sean McVay is the head coach. He is an excellent professional football coach, and his excellence has already been proven. It is because he is the youngest coach in the entire history of the modern NFL, as he was appointed the head coach of the rams in the year 2017 when he was just 30 years old.

Sean has been the coach of this team since 2017 and continues to be the youngest coach till now, as he is just 36 years old now. He has been successfully guiding the team throughout every match. And it is expected that he will continue his excellent coaching skills on his team this year as well.

Zac Taylor is the head coach of the team Cincinnati Bengals, and he has been the coach of this team since the year 2019. Zac Taylor is one of the former assistants of the head coach of the rams, that is, Sean McVay.

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What’s an interesting talking point to bring up with fans of each team?

For the fans of the Rams out there, two years later, the team could not be victorious after moving to Los Angeles. But don't worry! For, this is the time for you all; this is the time for the team to be victorious!

And for the Bengals, the wait and hopes are still on! After 1998, this is the first time they are reappearing in the Super Bowl, and this will be the year they win their first title of victory in the Super Bowl.

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