Seleri About 332 Matches: dream' Just asked to play for them

Alisa Barladyan
22 Nov 2021

A player Melchior Seleri Hillenkamp from team specially for commented on the involvement of former Fantastic Five players, for whom he played as a substitute in fixed matches.

I have no idea whether the managers' conversation is true. I was simply asked by dream' to play a few games for them. I agreed because I wanted to help them, so I did my best. I have nothing to do with match-fixing, which may involve former F5 players.

Melchior Seleri Hillenkamp

We will remind you that earlier we published a conversation between the former Wind and Rain Dota 2 manager John Jojo Tomczyk and Fantastic Five manager Andrei Zealoth Lozinski where the names of the involved in Dota 2 fixed matches were mentioned.